The “Orchester im Treppenhaus” plays danceable new compositions from young composers. The concert hall becomes a club, a dance floor. The orchestra turns out to be like a beat machine, a techno Dj, a minimal groove, all this using no electronic devices.

Analog live electronics, classic Dub, acoustic ambient. The audience will experience a wave of movement and ecstasy. All this surrounded with selected Dj sets by Dj-Stoff. A huge dance step for the future of classical music!

DISCO celebrated November 2015 his premiere concert at “Schauspielhaus Hannover” and they brought the audience to an ecstatic dancing. After their successful performance at Podium Festival (podiumfestival.de) “Orchester im Treppenhaus” started a tour playing in Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Esslingen, Hildesheim, Düsseldorf and Rotterdam.




Web http://treppenhausorchester.de

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